Audio Stream

Here you can add or remove an audio stream and apply various settings to it.

Audio stream menu

To add an audio track, click on the icon, in the middle of the screen.
The selected audio is shown in blue and plays in the preview.
To listen to another track in the list, simply click on it and it will play and be highlighted in blue. You can remove an audio track by clicking on the red circle at the left of the track.

Clicking on editing icon will open the edit the stream

Audio volume filter (NEW in Version 6)

If you want to increase or decrease the volume of your file use the cursor on the slide bar. Play the file in the preview window, sometimes there can be a few second delay but you can hear the different this setting will make, so play your file to see if you like the result before converting.  See the hint that displays on the cursor for some value references.

To use the audio normalizer click on the icon with the magic wand. The value used for normalization is the one in the top menu under "Default settings".

The normalize and the volume filter are two different settings. Both if changed can be heard in the preview window.

Output format

- Automatic: Converts audio to AC-3 format.
If the original audio is compatible with the output: for AC-3 format it will not be converted but copied as is or if you have unchecked "Convert DTS to AC-3" in the General settings, then the Automatic setting will not convert DTS streams to AC-3.

- AC-3, 5.1: Converts audio source stream to AC-3, 5.1 channels even if source contains less or more than 6 channels. When selected, it'll be matrixed and down/up mixed to the 6 channels.

- AC-3, 2.0: Converts audio source stream to AC-3, 2 channels. When selected, it'll be matrixed and down/up mixed to the 2 channels.

- MPEG: Converts audio source stream to MPEG format, with an output of 1 or 2 channels. If necessary it will be down mixed (for ConvertXtoDVD only)

Clicking on "show advanced" will reveal even more options:


If the audio is not synchronized with the video you can add a delay (either forward or backward). MS stands for milliseconds.

Menu text is the text that will show in the menu (if you've selected one). You can edit it with your own text.

Language identifier is a tag the stream will be associated with. The language identifier will be a language abbreviation such as EN, FR, ES . . .
It does not appear in a menu or on the DVD but identifies the stream to a DVD player - this language identifier can be seen when you press the audio button to activate of deactivate audio on a remote control and it will display the tag of the current stream being displayed. ConvertX tries to automatically detect the language of the file but if no information is found "? Unspecified" will be displayed. If the detection is not accurate, you can change it. If it is not detected you will see "? Unspecified". Changing the Language identifier will also update the language in the menu text above. You can however customize the Menu text - edit it after having select the correct language identifier. Don't know what language is the right one? Play the video in the preview window listen to the audio and then select the corresponding language to what you just heard.

Select "Set as default for playback" if you have more than one audio to convert and you want this one to play by default when you play the disk.

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