Nasze Wsparcie techniczne odpowiada w ciągu 48h. Jeśli masz jakieś pytania, komentarze lub problemy związane z naszym oprogramowaniem, prosimy o kontakt bezpośrednio poprzez ten formularz (

Zasada Szczęśliwego Użytkownika: Aby zagwarantować naszym klientom satysfakcję z korzystania z naszego oprogramowania, oferujemy wersje próbne produktów, aby można było sprawdzić ich funkcjonalność oraz zweryfikować kompatybilność sprzętową na komputerze użytkownika. Wersje próbne są instalatorami pełnych wersji, lecz z ograniczeniami czasowymi (21 dni okresu próbnego) lub komunikatem o wersji próbnej na pliku wynikowym. Wszystkie funkcje oprogramowania i funkcje nagrywające są dostępne celem umożliwienia użytkownikom przetestowania wszystkich funkcji przed zakupem.

Zwroty są możliwe tylko w następujących przypadkach:

1) Dla zdublowanych zamówień (zamówienia zdublowane przez przypadek)
2) W sytuacji, gdy użytkownik ma problem niemożliwy do rozwiązania przez Wsparcie techniczne, czy pomoc online, bazując na zgłoszeniach i raportach (testach) bez rozwiązania w określonym i rozsądnym czasie. Aby rozpocząć proces zwrotu, użytkownicy powinni wykorzystać ten formularz kontaktu ze Wsparciem technicznym. (

Zwrócone klucze licencyjne zostają anulowane i nie mogą odblokowywać już oprogramowania.

License management: 

Commercial licenses are managed by at least one unlock key, coupled with online verification of the license/key (since 2017). The customer receives by email the unlock key which once entered will remove all the trial limitations and activate all the benefits of the commercial license.

Unlock keys start with VSO_V4K_ , they are very long thus they should not be entered manually.  The copy/paste feature of the operating system need to be used to enter the key. With the online activation system, "Key is for another software" is something of the past. Any unlock key attached to a customer license(s) can unlock any of his licensed software. A customer can also use his/her registration email address for all software as a simpler alternative to the long unlock key. As a result, customer will receive a verification email with either an activation link to click, or a pin code to enter in the software to unlock.

Internet Activation :

  • Internet connection is needed once during the activation process. When activation is done, Internet connection is no longer needed.
  • For each update installed, activation needs to be confirmed. This is a fully automatic process. Internet connection is necessary during this operation.
  • Individual licenses are for one computer only and one use at a time however we allow activation of a reasonable number of computers per license.
  • A unlock key will not activate if it has already been activated on too many computers. This situation can be solved either by the customer himself or by submitting a support request to VSO.

Software operational modes : 

Software can work in 3 different modes: Unlimited Trial, Limited Trial and Licensed. Limited and unlimited trial modes are for evaluation purpose only. No commercial use of the software is allowed. Some usage data is collected by the software and send to VSO during the trial. No personnal data is included. 

Unlimited Trial mode: 

At first use of the software, a trial period with unlimited feature is given for a few days (typically 7 days). 
  • 100% hassle free. User is not even required to provide his email address.
  • Extensible (typically 7 extra days) if a valid email address is provided. The email address is verified.
  • From time to time (i.e. when introducing major new features), unlimited trial period may be restarted.

Limited Trial mode:

The limited trial mode leaves enough features to continue using the software for testing purposes.
Some limitations are introduced, such as (non exhaustive list):
  • insertion of a marking in the output video
  • output time limit and / or 50% conversion
  • nag screen popping from time to time
  • various delays introduced to perform some operations
  • Limited set of features
For the time being, we do not include 3rd party ads in our software. 

Software switch automatically to limited trial mode in the following cases: 
  • Unlimited trial period is finished and no valid unlock key / customer email has been provided.
  • The commercial license attached to the unlock key has expired (user must purchase a license renewal at a discount price)
  • The unlock key and/or its attached commercial license has been disabled.
  • The software cannot establish an Internet connection to the activation servers during the activation phase
  • Any tampering with the unlock key or the activation system (in such case the software may refuse to start)

Licensed mode : 

Software switches to licensed mode when it has been activated online, as described above. 
All the limitations introduced in the trial mode are removed.
Sending usage data is always optional and disabled by default.

Customer License termination : 

VSO permanently disable license and their attached unlock keys without compensation if: 
  • unlock key(s) have been stolen, published on forums, made public in any ways
  • key(s) sold to 3rd party(ies)
  • single user license key used simultaneously on way too many computers
  • refund, fraud order or chargeback

Licensing scheme:

License can be purchased either for limited time for updates, or unlimited time for updates. All the licenses have a limited time for support.

License with limited time for updates (typically 1 year) :

  • You receive free update for a year, starting from your purchase date. Computer's date is not relevant.
  • Pay once, use forever. You can use the software without any time limit.
  • Updating is recommended but optional. If for technical reasons only an update is made mandatory, all the licenses validity are extended free of charge.
  • After the period of free updates has expired, license must be renewed to use new releases. Older releases remain active without any time limit, subject to compatibility with the host operating system.
  • Technical support is provided for the license's period of validity. After this period, answer to technical requests is not garanteed.

License without time limit for updates

  • You receive free update for unlimited time.
  • Technical support is provided for 2 years. After this period, answer to technical requests is not garanteed.
  • License renewal is optional, however subscription is welcomed to receive technical support in priority and to support VSO efforts to provide good software.

Older software: 

PhotoDVD, CopyToDVD, Blindwrite are older software which are no longer under active development. As some of our customers still find them useful, they can still be purchased or offered in bundle with other software.
Their licensing scheme does not work as described above. They do not have internet activation and limited time for update does not apply.

PhotoDVD does not have the same key format (key has 26 characters in uppercase)

Limited technical support is provided for these software. The new technical issues discovered are not to be fixed anytime soon.